The Garden Church and Common Ground on “Love in a Dangerous Time”


The Garden Church and Common Ground were recently featured on the Love in a Dangerous Time online radio show.  Listen and hear Rev. Anna Woofenden and Rev. Sarah Buteux talk about the way that they are re-imagining church in their communities.

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  1. Hello Anna,
    I spoke with you a couple of weeks ago at Wayfarers Chapel, the day of your Garden Church park clean up, and told you I knew of someone in San Pedro that was an expert on urban gardening. I have met him and his wife, toured his garden and think he could be a real asset to the Garden Church. Please let me know the best way to contact you and pass on his information. I have not be able to get an email address from Wayfarers or your website.

    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Christine Baumberger

  2. Loved this. You are so gracious and articulate and clear in yourself and your vision and so delightfully humble and playful in your expectations for the future. Sending love x100+!

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