Prayer for Boston

2013-04-07 14.54.07

For the runners,
Legs outstretched,
Finish-line in sight,
We pray.

For all who felt,
The ground shake,
Who heard the blast,
And blast again,
We pray.

For the emergency personnel,
Who sprung into action,
Coupling training and courage
To respond,
We pray.

For the loved ones,
Near and far,
Eyes glued to the screen,
Waiting to hear the familiar text tone,
Longing for the message of
“I’m alright,”
We pray.

For unknown persons,
For faces not yet reveled,
For motives not known
And causes yet detected,
We pray.

For the many who pause,
As news of a tragedy appears
On our newsfeed.
Just close enough to feel it,
Just far away enough to
Wonder how to respond.
We stop.
We breathe.
We invite Compassion
Healing and Peace
And we pray.

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