“Stop Inspiring Me” Guest post from Bronwen Henry

Today’s guest post comes from a dear friend and colleague of mine.  After spending time following debates on women in ministry in her denomination, Bronwen found this poem arrived in her heart.  I thank her for her articulation and vulnerability in sharing her experience of God’s movement.

Stop Inspiring Me.

If you don’t want me to lead, stop inspiring me.

Don’t teach me the Bible.
Edit out Jesus’ Message.
Never let me see or read the gospel message, the great commission.
Don’t give me a job.
From a young age, don’t let me learn about the Lord.
Heck, don’t teach me to read.

If I am really a second class citizen,
stop inspiring me.

If you don’t want me to follow the Lord,
stop inspiring me.

If you don’t want me to help other people know the Lord,
stop inspiring me.

But here is the problem.

Even if you never read to me from the bible (or encouraged me to read it myself)
I would still know the Lord’s love.

Even when you disrespect women, and say that somehow their very gifts prohibit them from fully serving
I wouldn’t believe you.

I would know, deep down, that
no matter how you try to oppress me,
I am of value.
I am a child of God.

You can’t stop inspiring me.
Because the Divine is unstoppable.

And as much as I fight it. The divine keeps inspiring me.

Bronwen Henry is a mom of two, an editor for New Church Connection (www.newchurchconnection.org), and a member of a team developing small group programs that are for a new kind of Christianity. Bronwen delights in the exploration of different religions, and embraces that she has yet to master any herself. 

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  1. Bronwen, Thank you so much for your beautifully expressed honesty. As someone who works for women’s equity across the world, I really appreciate your poem.

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