Love’s perfection

Love’s perfection
by Terry L. Chapman
A reflection on Matthew 5
“Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”Grace seems too good to be true
In the hearts of those
Whose God is too small
Whose love demands perfection
Whose acceptance has some other
Source than God’s own endless compassion

The one whose experience of life
Tells a different soiled story that
Cannot be reconciled with divine
Demands for perfection wanders
Lonely and confused in unfreedom
Lost on the wide path of autonomy

Sit for a while, you are in good company
Let your anxious grasping to be
Something else, someone else, somewhere else
Be quiet and still- watch as now, just now
The gate that opens to the narrow path in
the center of your being swings as if

Moved by a gentle breeze
Even breath flowing from
The very heart of God
Carrying upon its fragrant currents
A love song that awakens

What had slipped into deep sleep

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