For You Have Little Strength

“’For you have little strength.’ This symbolically means, because they know they have no power of themselves. People who are governed by truths springing from goodness derived from the Lord know that of themselves they do not have any power against evils and falsities, thus against hell. Moreover, they also know that they cannot from any power of their own do good or introduce themselves into heaven, but that all power is the Lord’s. (Apocalypse Revealed 178, Emmanuel Swendenborg)

I read this reading today for my work in Apocalypse Revealed and it jumped out at me as the text to base my weekly task on. I resonate with the statement “For you have little strength”.  My first reaction to that statement is: “Yes, that feels true in this moment”. I feel the ups and downs of transition. I’m navigating the elation of classes and new adventures, new people, in amongst the vulnerability of being in a brand new place, without anyone I know, stepping out with trust and faith in so many areas. The task I want to hold in awareness this week is to use the line, “For you have little strength” as a mantra. Reminding myself that no wonder I’m tired, grumpy, frustrated, happy, joyful, in transition, etc. I’m human. All power is the Lord’s. To take a deep breath and be wherever I am at the moment.

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