Living Water for All

This past Thursday I had the opportunity to preach and lead worship at Earlham School of Religion’s weekly worship service. I have posted here both the video of the service in it’s entirety and the audio of just the sermon.

Video of Service

Audio File: Living Water for All

Order of Service

Song I Celebrate the Inward Light

Song Here I am Lord

Call to Worship
All: Rising water,
One: springing from great depths,
stored up long ago when the stars
first sang together for joy.

All: Living water,
One: like a cup of celebration,
full and running over
all the days of our life.

All: Refreshing water,
One: mysteriously satisfying
so that our youth is renewed
like soaring eagles.

All: Cleansing water,
One: washing deep down
where fingers cannot reach,
making all things new.

All: Surprising water,
One: breaking through the earth
in rocky places
wherever that man Jesus goes.

— B.D. Prewer 1997

Scripture Reading John 4:1-24

Song O let all who thirst

Message  Living Water for All

Time of prayer and reflection

Sending Forth

Song Here I am Lord (refrain)

Music: Wayne Williams
Scripture Reader: Marilyn Sizer
Thanks to Brent Walsh for the photography