Praying the News

2013-04-07 14.54.07
When tragedy strikes I often find myself wondering how to respond.  I often feel helpless in the face of deep loss and pain that is changing the lives of faces I see on the news feeds and in cities that are not my own.  I know that I cannot respond to all the pain and suffering, it is too much. And, I know that I do not want to block it all out either, as it encompasses pieces of the story of our human family.  And so I have begun practicing praying the news.

I pick one image or story, something that grabs my heart and attention, and I focus on it with presence and prayer. These prayers at times clothe themselves in paint or words, movement or silence. Knowing that as we focus our energy in on one story, one life, one broken heart, we are bringing our attention to the healing and compassion that is present for all.

I invite you to pray the news together in community. If your prayers emerge in art, words, or song, I would be delighted to post them here for others to share as well.

May our words of lament, our expressions of presence rise together. 

April 15, 2014: Boston Marathon Explosions
November 15, 2013: Earlham Train Accident
November 1, 2013: Hurricane Sandy–Disrupted
November 1, 2013: Hurricane Sandy
Prayer of Lament