The Garden Church

Anna is the founder of the Garden Church and it’s sister non-profit Feed and Be Fed in Los Angeles, CA.  
The Garden Church is re-imagining church as an interconnected organism, worshiping, loving and serving together as we transform a plot of land into a vibrant urban garden. 

Rooted in the Christian tradition and Swedenborgian theology, the Garden Church provides a living experience of encountering the Divine in community, scripture, nature, and the life of useful service, and being the church together on multiple levels. Through worshiping, working and learning together, feeding the hungry, and addressing the needs of the local community, this church is living sanctuary for all who seek a place to grow, to love and be loved, and to belong. Creating a place of spiritual community where God’s love is made visible as people are fed in body, mind, and spirit.

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12 Replies to “The Garden Church”

  1. Anna,

    Very moving and inspiring to hear about how your ideas are taking root and how you are getting ready to move forward..


  2. I am excited to learn about the Garden Church, especially that it will be built in a fringe neighborhood of San Pedro and will include the teachings of the Swedenborgian Church! Best of luck!

  3. HI Anna, May God bless the Garden church. Is there somewhere we can see more about your ministry. Steve Sanchez

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