The Blooming You Were Meant For

So honored

Even Here, Even Now


“The Blooming You Were Meant For” (C) Bronwen Henry 3′ x 4′ Acrylic on Canvas

“Because compassion is intrinsic to your nature, it inevitably flowers.” Tara Brach

This week my dear friend, Anna Woofenden is getting ordained. For anyone on the path of answering a call to ministry there is great courage required. For one whose denomination doesn’t ordain women, the courage is even greater. I’m exceedingly proud of her. My heart is bursting with joy for this special day, marking this journey for her. Her deep listening to the Lord’s call in her life is an inspiration. (Check out her church plant ‘The Garden Church’ .)

I painted this for her, to honor the occasion. To honor the inevitable flowering/blooming of her spirit. I offer this painting with a prayer for each one of us, that we might step into the blooming we were meant for. That no…

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