Fish and Birds

Reflections on Day Five of Creation at Almont Camp
July 26, 2013

1001526_10151588029549094_1631139397_nAt Almont, a Swedenborgian summer camp in Michigan, we spent the week exploring the Seven Days of Creation and the rich theology that Emmanuel Swedenborg presents on it. Swedenborg spends pages laying out how the cycles of the days of creation offer a blueprint for the process of spiritual growth and spiritual creation. Each presenter took a day, and I got Day Five: the birds of the air and the fish of the sea.   The audio is of the lecture portion of the morning.


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  1. Thank you…I enjoyed the time listening to this. My word was God…God said, god created, God saw how good, God blessed them. Clearly the action was and is God’s. I liked the fact that you brought in that the influx is from God but we engage, and are part of the relationship, part of the response. Nice time together with you Anna. Sounds like a good group of people, as well. But then, it’s Camp…how could it be other wise.

    1. Thanks Pat! Yes, I too am struck by the paradox of complete surrender and it’s all God AND the call to active engagement and action.

      Yup…camp is camp. How’s your book on Camp coming along? I miss you and wish I could pop by for tea!

  2. Ah, thank you Anna. No wonder I love birds so much (“bird” was my first word).Those thoughts that *come to life*: I love those “bird thoughts” that fly up excitedly from the nest, when I see and feel where they can be useful for myself and others. Yay for engaging and living!

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